PSI is conveniently located in the residential neighbourhood of Holosiivska. Our campus is easily accessible from Kyiv city centre by public transport or by our private school bus system. Both the Holosiivska and Demiivska blue line Metro stations are a short walk from school.
We are delighted with campus renovations completed in 2017, which added a new, state of the art, multi-purpose building, enhancing what we offer to the entire school community. The campus now houses three blocks for our Primary and Secondary Schools, with specialist facilities that provide ample space and flexibility for events, meetings and extracurricular activities.
On the photo: View on the PSI's school campus (playground area).
Our facilities include
At PSI, we strive to create an environment where students can thrive. Our facilities include spaces designed to inspire and support every aspect of learning. Explore our Primary and Secondary divisions, as well as specialist facilities such as aquatics centre, fully-equipped bomb shelter and double gymnasium.
Kindergarten &
Primary School
Safety & Emergency Preparedness
Ensuring the safety of our students and staff is a top priority at Pechersk School International.
Our campus is equipped with authorised bomb shelter spaces that meet official standards. Located in the basement areas, these shelters are thoughtfully decorated to provide a comfortable learning environment during any unforeseen situations.
Power Generator
At Pechersk School International, we prioritise the continuous operation of our facilities.
We have invested in a state-of-the-art generator to guarantee uninterrupted energy supplies in case of disruptions, ensuring a stable and reliable learning environment.
Security team
Our commitment to safety extends to the presence of a dedicated security team, strategically positioned CCTV cameras along the perimeters, and a secure entrance system utilizing a security card.
These measures collectively contribute to a secure and protected environment for everyone on campus.